Further Reading

There is plenty of help available when it comes to improving the behaviour of your dogs who are left alone.  The RSCA in some states also provides excellent hands on training for dog owners.  Dog clubs and Facebook groups are both excellent resources for owners.  If you are at your wits end with your pooch, we would be delighted if you would reach out to us at support@doggyboredombusters.com.au.   We will connect you with some experts who can provide sound advice and get you and your dog back on the right track.    

We recommend the articles and books/ e-books below. 

Boredom Busters For Dogs

Animal Welfare League of Australia

How To Keep Your Dog Entertained While At Work
Dogs of Australia, Ella Nguyen

5 ways to keep your dog entertained when they are home alone
RSPCA South Australia

Creating An Enriching Environment For Dogs
Australian Dog Lover

Dog Training Authors and Books We Recommend

Nicole Wylde  https://www.nicolewilde.com/shop/

Dr Sophia Yin  https://cattledogpublishing.com/

Turid Rugass  http://en.turid-rugaas.no/publications.html

Dr Ian Billinghurst  https://drianbillinghurst.com/books-and-dvds/

Dr Ian Dunbar  https://www.dunbaracademy.com/

Karen Pryor https://shop.clickertraining.com/collections/books